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Whether you are in need of a total overhaul or just want to enhance what's already working, we take a one size fits one approach to assess and create the strategies to achieve your individual needs and goals. 

Why Up & Right Consulting?

You've worked tirelessly to grow your business and make it successful.  You've bet on yourself since day one and you've made some leaps of faith along the way.  Some decisions paid off while others haven't but you've learned a lot along the way.  

Now you're faced with the question of what's next?  Do you hit cruise control or double-down and look for ways to take your business to the next level?  ...and if you do want to take your business to the next level, how?  What got you here won't get you where you want to go, so what moves do you make now?

Often times, this means that your current sales and marketing strategies and your current business processes, that have been "good enough" in the past, are no longer suitable for the future.  This is where Up & Right Consulting can help you bring your growth vision to life with a comprehensive assessment of your current business, and a prioritized action plan that is developed with your goals, resources, and timelines in mind.  

The first step is as simple as scheduling a free, and no-obligation exploratory call.  

Making a business successful
is hard.  We make it

Your Business.  Better.

Why Up & Right?

Up & Right Consulting specializes in helping businesses delight customers, grow revenue, streamline internal processes, and improve profitability.  Whether you are looking to grow and expand or optimize your company for sale, we can help you achieve your goals.





"Jon is a world-class talent.  His business savvy and breadth of experience makes him able to positively impact every aspect of our business.  He has made meaningful and lasting contributions to our sales and marketing as well as the general operations that were needed due to our rapid growth.  Most of all, Jon has been an invaluable mentor and coach to me.  Regardless of what I've faced, Jon has always provided insightful recommendations and advice that have made it easier for me to make objective decisions that propel the business forward."

Jonathan Plowright  - Founder & CEO

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